DIY – Madhubani Painting Inspired Coffee Table

Hello there! I am currently working on a new project – Madhubani inspired painting on my coffee table! and wanted to share the progress so far. Let’s get started.

Before Picture
Before Picture

This is my coffee table, easy to move and inexpensive – perfect for a renter. I bought this along with my cane sofa, however, I think its time for me to add more colour to the room (and the furniture 😉 ). And since I can not hang paintings on the walls, what better way than to paint the furniture and take it in every house that I shift. This way I will never have to worry about whether it will fit into my new house or not (in case you want to read about problems faced by renters, please click this link)

Things required for the painting

  1. Sandpaper
  2. Brown Paint (or any other paint you want your furniture to be) – make sure it can be used on wood – available in most hardware stores
  3. Glass Paints + Outliner
  4. Flat Brush – 1
  5. Round Brushes – for glass painting
  6. Newspapers (to save your floors!)
  7. Cleaning  Cloth
  8. Cleaning Solution
  9. Optional, Termite Spray

Prepping the table for painting

First, I cleaned the entire table with the cloth in order to remove the dust from the surface. Then, I sprayed the cleaning solution to remove any dust particles left behind. This step is very important because you wouldn’t want to paint a dirty furniture.

Next, I used the sandpaper to sand the entire table (maybe most of the table 😉 as I could not get into each and every crevice. However, just try and do as best as you can. This step is required so that the new paint has a surface to stick on.

Now that this step is done, clean the table again and you are ready for painting!

I have already completed the first coat on the table and waiting for it to dry for 2-3 days (as it is almost monsoon season).

I will be posting my next steps in the second part, coming up soon. Please subscribe to my blog in order to get notified of all the future blog posts and to see the result of this one! 🙂


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  1. Hi Butterfingers,
    It is like reading a three part novel, keep up the suspense and good work.

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