Problems that are faced by Renters

During childhood, my dad had a transferable job and we would shift houses ever so often. We lived in rented apartments for a long time. Now that I live alone for the past 6 years, I have been living in a rented apartment and have shifted 4 times. I am listing those problems that are related to cleaning and decor.

Below are the issues I continue to face every time I shift to a new apartment. I am sure all of the you who have rented an apartment even once in your life can relate to one or all of these:-

Cleaning the house for the first time

Even though the landlord generally gets the house cleaned (or just the floors are washed), some of the places tend to be really dirty and cleaning them becomes a big hassle.

To hang or not to hang

I have personally face this issue as most of the landlords do not approve of hammering the nail in the walls and even if they do, they expect us to fill all the holes and touch up the paint before leaving.

Splurging on decor items/ furniture

Renters do not like to splurge on such items as once they shift in their own house those might not fit into the scheme of things.

Only Buying functional items

The items that the renters do end up buying are generally functional and most of the times not pretty to look at.


All renters end up keeping things that were used in one of the rented apartments and with the notion that it might be useful continue to store these. The problem arises when these have to be stored in the new rented place.


Let me know in the comment section below, if you have faced any of the above issues. And, if there are some other problems faced by you, please let me know.

In my upcoming posts, I will try to tackle all of these issues one by one along with the crafts ideas (for home and kids). I will be posting at least once every week (Preferably on a Sunday). Please come back again to read more on the ideas that I have in store for you.

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  1. Hi Nupur,
    You have very well categorized the common problems faced by almost every person living in rented house . Will be looking forward to your further posts to tackle these.

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