Start/ Practice a new craft without burning a hole in your pocket

So, maybe you are trying to start knitting or maybe paper mache is your new dream. Whenever you start out on a new craft there are usually so many things to buy. I remember searching for lists to buy for bookbinding, for paper crafts. Maybe you are like me – want to try everything after looking at awesome pictures on Pinterest. I have tried and left so many crafts/ hobbies that the expenses have pilled up. And it makes me little wary of spending on every new found obsession. I have a very simple solution for this problem. It is an easy and cheap way to start or practice a new craft.

Let’s be honest, I would not want to spend a lot of money to buy craft items that I might not stick to. When I was trying to learn jewellery making, I searched for so many lists for beginners. I had to buy beads, threads, wires etc. My budget did not allow for so many things and I did not know how and where to start. Even though there are so many tutorials available online, buying packs of beads and bundles of thread & wire is not feasible. It quickly started adding on to the cost and I wasn’t sure whether I would like to continue with it or not. Sure, I love to see a beautiful DIY bracelet on Pinterest, however, not every craft is as enjoyable. And not every craft will be the one that I will stick to. Please read below about the solution that I have and follow.

The Solution

The easiest way to cut down costs – buy craft kits made for kids! Don’t laugh! I am serious. Trust me, it is the best and cheapest way. The craft kits for adults are either too expensive or not available in the market for all crafts. However, there are so many arts and crafts kits available for kids. Let me give you an example below:-

I bought a bead loom kit online that was meant for kids, it cost me around Rs. 500 – 600. It has the loom (okay quality), seed beads for 2-3 projects, thread for practice and needle. And the most important thing – instruction manual to get started which is easy to read for a kid. The best part – I can learn to make bracelets for my size as well (and not just kid sizes!).

On the other hand, if I would have bought a kit for adults – it would have cost more. Otherwise, I would have had to buy everything separately which is again a hassle. By buying the kid’s kit, which is way cheaper, I can leave the craft/ hobby without the guilt of wasting so much money.

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  1. Hi Butterfingers,
    We all really liked your idea. The fact is, we don’t want to spend a bomb and yet want to relax our over exhausted minds by indulging in these stress busting activities.
    Your blog provides the very prescribed medine for the illness called ,” stressful life”

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